CureME editor for preparation of posts

This editor is intended to prepare posts to send by email to the CureME mailing list. The text can either be prepared from scratch in the editor, or it can be copied from another source. The editor is tailored so it only accepts formats accepted by the CureME rules for posting. The editor strips most of the unwanted formats automatically, if a text is copied into the editor.

Once you have prepared your text, click on the button “Create email”, which will create a webpage from which you can copy the text. Do not copy the text directly from the editor (because then it would contain editor specific tags and attributes)!

How to prepare a text from another source (web page, document):

Paste the text into the editor by simultaneously pressing the keyboard buttons Ctrl+V.

If there are still unwanted formats lingering, such as inline styles, you can remove them like this: First select the whole text with the keyboard input Ctrl+A (or select Edit→Select all). Then press the button Ix (or select Format→Clear formatting). This conserves headers, lists, blockquote and links, but removes bold, italic, superscript, subscript, strikethrough and indentation.

Alternatively you can do as follows:

Paste the text without formats into the editor by simultaneously pressing the keyboard buttons Ctrl+Alt+V.

Afterwards you format the text to the wanted appearance with the editor.