Rules for making posts

It is a strong recommendation that each post is a full stand-alone article. If it is not possible with a full article for some reason, then there should at least be a summary of the full article.

Posts that are about research (research articles, research reports, research results, clinical trial announcements, etc) should have its subject line begin with "RES:" (without the quotation marks). The colon (:) is essential.

Post on topics other than research, should not have any special letter combination in the beginning of the email subject line.

The list moderators decide which posts that are published at their own discretion. Posts that could be interpreted as being commercial (such as selling a product or service) are rejected.

Images are forbidden in the emails. Instead, link to the images placed at an external place.

Attachments are forbidden in the messages.

The maximum size of a the email message is 50 kilobytes (kB).

Messages are sent out as plain text. If a message is submitted in HTML format, the message is automatically converted.