Tips for editors

Here are tips for persons that post messages.

Remove hidden formatting

Many times one would like to remove hidden formatting from the text (HTML tags) when copying text from another source. Here some alternative ways to accomplich this are described.

If you have some text and want to remove the formatting you can paste the text into a text editor that does not support html or rich text such as for example Microsoft Windows' Notepad or the exellent free to download Notepad++ for Windows.

Many programs have “paste without formatting”. In Mozilla Thunderbird this is achieved by Ctrl+Shift+V or via the menu: “Edit → Paste Without Formatting”.

In Mozilla Thunderbird, one gets the source of the message if one clicks on Ctrl+U when the message is opened or selected. For a message that you are editing you first have to save the message as a draft, then select it in the draft folder and then click on Ctrl+U or go via the menu “View → Message source”.

Simplify HTML

In some cases one would like to keep HTML-format, but remove disturbing HTML-tags. For example Microsoft Word produces some redundant ugly badly structured HTML code, that blows up the file size immensely. This happens for example when tables are used.

The CureME editor for preparation of posts is a tailored “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) HTML editor. If one paste message from another source into the editor, the message will be cleaned from "redundant HTML code/tags".